Check out the consultant's findings on facility options below.

Option 3: Construct a new building to meet needs for up to 10 years, with an expansion in 10 years

Similar to Option 1, Option 3 provides ideal space for the City of Winnipeg Archives, offering a new, purpose-built facility that securely houses 10 years’ worth of collection growth in a climate-controlled vault (as opposed to 20 years’ worth of growth in Option 1) alongside inviting public spaces.

Key Features
Similar to Option 1: offers a new, purpose-built facility that securely houses the collection in a climate-controlled vault, inviting public spaces; supports current and improved program needs.
Built to meet the needs of the archives.
10-year growth horizon with option to expand at a later date.
Minimal cost savings.
No identified site (assumes central location with ideal access)
Availability of site with central location, time required to secure location.
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