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Option 4: Renovation of 380 William Ave. for Archives

Option 4 is the renovation of the Archives’ former home in the Carnegie Library at 380 William Ave. This unoccupied heritage building is owned by the City of Winnipeg and in search of a suitable tenant. Many stakeholders, archival enthusiasts, and the public cannot separate the City of Winnipeg Archives from the old Carnegie Library. To many, this cherished, currently empty building is the only appropriate location for the City’s Archives. However, the building was built in 1903, and does not meet modern building code standards (including accessibility), nor does it have appropriate environmental control systems to support the special needs of an archive.

Key Features
Renovate the Carnegie Library (380 William Ave.) to include a climate-controlled vault to securely house the collection and meet current and improved program needs.
Supports ideal specifications.
Includes 20-year growth horizon.
Best value for money of all options explored.
Highest and best use of a City-owned heritage building.
Places program in a site with deep community connections.
Will require extensive renovations to meet the program needs of the Archives.
The consultant’s analysis used information from 2010 and included no site visit or building code review. To address these issues, the City contracted Pico Architecture to update the information (specifications, designs, and construction costs). This work verifies the consultant’s findings and confirms that 380 William Ave. meets the functional requirements of the Archives.
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