Which parking changes would have the biggest positive impact on Winnipeg? Do you have any other ideas the City should consider?

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The Winnipeg Parking Strategy outlines a series of progressive parking concepts and business practices used in other North American cities.   Examples include:


What is it?

Dynamic Pricing (also known as ‘demand-responsive pricing’)

Dynamic pricing refers to technology-enabled systems wherein parking rates are adjusted based on changes in demand and the available supply in order to achieve a specific goal such as maintaining a desired occupancy level or maximizing revenue.

Progressive Pricing

Progressive pricing refers to a price structure that favours short-term users and encourages turnover by increasing the rate the longer a user is parked in a space.

Progressive Parking Fines

Progressive parking fines refer to a structure wherein fines for subsequent occurrences of the same offence increase. Progressive fines discourage repeat offenders without adversely affecting the vast majority of drivers who attempt to adhere to the parking by-law provisions.

Parking Benefit Districts

In parking benefit districts, a portion of the revenue collected from hourly parking and permit fees is dedicated to infrastructure or programming within

the district. These may include public realm improvements such as street beautification, sidewalk and street repair, or safety and security measures.

Removal of Parking Minimums/ Implementation of Parking Maximums

Parking minimums are the government-mandated requirements for different land uses to include a set amount of parking for a given variable such as square footage or number of residents. By removing these minimums, governments allow developers to assess the demand for parking and to include only the optimal amount.

Dedicated ‘Green’ Parking

‘Green’ parking refers to spaces being dedicated for low or zero greenhouse gas emission vehicles. Dedicated parking provisions encourage low emission transportation choices by providing preferred parking as an incentive for

electric vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, carshares etc.


Find out more about these and other progressive parking policies here

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