Why Does Winnipeg Need a Road Safety Plan?

    The purpose of this project is to develop a Road Safety Strategic Action Plan, which will serve as a roadmap for setting the direction and pace of road safety investments over the next 3-5 years and beyond, in a coordinated and focused manner. Key components of this project include:

    • Gap assessment of the current state of road safety in Winnipeg
    • Confirmation of the long-term vision and definition of focus areas
    • Development of an implementable action plan that can achieve the road safety vision and synergize with other City policies, priorities, and mandates
    • Identification of resources, establishment of working groups, and development of a monitoring and evaluation framework that will ensure the action plan is sustainable and implementable 

    The project team will build the plan based on what we hear through both conversations with road safety stakeholders and a variety of public engagement sessions, as well as an in-depth statistical and analytical review.

    What other road safety initiatives are ongoing while this Plan is being developed?

    The Road Safety Strategic Action Plan is just one piece of a larger road safety program. Concurrent to strategy development, we are implementing engineering improvements that will have immediate impacts on road safety.  We are in the process of starting a robust data collection pilot project.

    How does the Road Safety Plan align with other City planning?

    The Road Safety Strategic Action Plan will inform and support larger strategic efforts, as well as the Transportation Master Plan. This strategy is helping us plan for the next phase of road safety efforts in Winnipeg.

    How will other road, cycling or related advocacy organizations involved?

    While the City is responsible for the road planning and design, as well as traffic controls, we are just one component of the greater road safety team. This action plan will identify opportunities to work with our partners to develop multidisciplinary approaches to make our roads safer through the lenses of planning, infrastructure, enforcement and education.

    What is the budget for this study?

    The funds available for this is study are $275,000.