What streets were piloted as part of the 2022 Enhanced Summer Bike Route Program?

    City Council approved 14 of the 17 routes from the 2021 program plus one additional route:

    • Lyndale Drive between Cromwell Street and Gauvin Street
    • Wellington Crescent between Academy Road and Academy Road/Maryland Street
    • Wolseley Avenue between Raglan Road and Maryland Street
    • Churchill Drive between Hay Street and Jubilee Avenue
    • Egerton Road between Bank Avenue and Morier Avenue
    • Kildonan Drive between Helmsdale Avenue and Irving Place
    • Kilkenny Drive between Burgess Avenue and Kings Drive / Kings Drive between Kilkenny Drive and Patricia Avenue
    • Alexander Avenue between Arlington Street and Princess Street
    • Ravelston Avenue between Wayoata Street and Plessis Road
    • Linwood Street between Portage Avenue and Silver Avenue
    • Harbison Avenue West between Henderson Highway and eastern terminus
    • Youville Street between Eugenie Street and Haig Avenue
    • Rover Avenue between Hallet Street and Stephens Street
    • Scotia Street between Armstrong Avenue and Anderson Avenue
    • Ruby Street from Wolseley Avenue to Portage Avenue / Banning Street from Portage Avenue to Notre Dame Avenue

    What type of feedback are you looking for as part of this survey?

    We are asking about Winnipeggers’ experiences with the 2022 Enhanced Summer Bike Route Program. We want to hear from residents who front the routes and those who live near but not on them, as well as cyclists who used the routes throughout the season. We want to hear what worked, what didn’t, and whether you’d like to see cycling accommodations on the streets in the future (be it permanent infrastructure or some sort of motor vehicle restrictions).

    How will you use the feedback?

    We will review and analyze the feedback alongside user data collected during the pilot, as well as budget information related to the cost of installing and maintaining the temporary, seasonal routes. This information will be combined in a report to Council for its consideration in 2023.

    How will you make decisions for the future?

    Decisions on whether to continue any or all of the streets included in the 2022 pilot program will depend on the data and feedback we collect, as well as input from both area Councillors and City Council overall. 

    Why isn’t the City looking at recommending permanent infrastructure?

    As noted in our April 2021 report to Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works, the decision to make any permanent changes cannot be made without conducting much larger active transportation studies in each pilot street area. The pilot routes have been added to the Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies study prioritization list as potential locations for future permanent cycling infrastructure. Locations on this list are studied when time, budget, and resources allow. 

    In the interim, we are looking at whether some version of Sunday/Holiday or seasonal cyclist accommodations and/or motor vehicle restrictions would be appropriate to continue on each of the pilot streets. What we hear from Winnipeggers will help shape that direction. 

    Is it possible that the 2022 pilot will continue as-is in 2023?

    The City is looking at options to bridge the gap between now and when permanent infrastructure could be implemented on the Enhanced Summer Bike Route program routes. Decisions on whether to continue the program as it was in 2022 or if changes are needed will depend on the data and feedback we collect.

    Why are you requiring participants to register to take the online survey?

    Registration is required to ensure we are hearing from each respondent only once per route, while also allowing multiple people in a household to share their views.