Are you doing the Wolseley to Downtown Bike Project again?

    This will close out the Wolseley to Downtown Bike Project – not start a new one. After pausing the western portion of the Wolseley to Downtown Bike Project in 2019, we are finally closing the gap in the active transportation network between Walnut Avenue, Westminster Avenue, and Omand’s Creek.

    What kind infrastructure is included as part of this project?

    We will reduce the speed limit to 30 km/h and install speed tables, raised crosswalks, and curb bump-outs. 

    Neighbourhood greenways are on-street routes designated to comfortably and safely move both cyclists and pedestrians and motor vehicles. Greenways typically include a range of treatments from low-impact things like signage, bike signals, and pavement markings to varying degrees of traffic calming including a best-practice speed limit of 30 km/h.

    Why are you installing a neighbourhood greenway?

    We’re going with a neighbourhood greenway for two primary reasons: 

    • In early 2023, we were directed by Council to figure out how we could make Wolseley Avenue a full-time bike route that serves all ages and abilities.
    • We know the community wants the network gap closed, and that some solutions we presented in the past were too drastic for community comfort levels. We are moving forward with other traffic calming options that the community supported in the past.

    Why aren't you asking for input on the route design?

    While we’re calling this the final phase of engagement, we aren’t asking for input on route design. We will implement the 30 km/h neighbourhood greenway with speed tables and curb bump-outs this summer. We are asking for your help to determine how we can measure whether the greenway meets community needs. We need to know what comfort means to your community, and how comfortable you feel today using Wolseley Avenue using a variety of modes. We will ask the same questions again after the greenway has been in place for a period of time.

    When will the greenway be installed?

    The greenway will be installed in summer 2024.

    What will happen after the greenway is installed?

    Current traffic volumes on Wolseley Avenue are beyond the standard for neighbourhood greenways. There are about 1,000-3,200 vehicles on Wolseley Avenue per day and volumes for a greenway should be below 1,000-1,500.

    We know reducing the speed and adding things like speed tables and bump outs may not be enough to make Wolseley Avenue an all ages and abilities active transportation route.

     We will monitor traffic and collect further feedback from the community. Traffic counts will help determine whether the route meets the technical criteria of an all-ages and abilities route; feedback will help determine whether it meets what we’re calling “community criteria.” From there, we will determine whether the route is a success as-is, or if we need to make further changes. If additional changes are required, we will come back to the community to talk about options. 

    What about Omand’s Creek?

    Later this year we're also talking to the community about Omand's Creek Bridge. The bridge is nearing the end of its service life and needs replacing. We know the bridge and park are important to the community, so community input will be key to that project's success. Visit winnipeg.ca/omandscreekbridge to learn more and subscribe for updates.

    Winnipeg is a winter city; why are we putting in a greenway?

    The City’s Council-approved Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies commits to providing and maintaining safe walking and cycling facilities year-round. Winter maintenance and operation, including snow storage, are key considerations. The greenway is suitable for all-seasons use.

    Is Winnipeg Transit Route 10 being moved because of this project?

    No changes are being proposed to Route 10 as a result of this project. However, changes to the entire Winnipeg Transit network will be taking place on June 29, 2025, when the Primary Transit Network is launched. On June 29, 2025, Route 10, and nearly all other routes in Winnipeg, will be replaced. Proposed ‘Connector Route 28’ would travel on Arlington Street and Wolseley Avenue. For more detailed information about the upcoming changes, please visit winnipeg.ca/primarytransitnetwork.

    What are the impacts to parking?

    The curb bump-outs will have minor impact on on-street parking with an anticipated loss of one parking space at each bump-out location, eight parking spaces in total.

    If there is an active transportation route on Wolseley Avenue what will happen to the protected bike lanes on Westminster Avenue?

    No changes will be made to the protected bike lanes on Westminster Avenue. The active transportation route on Wolseley Avenue will provide a connection from the Westminster Avenue protected bike lanes into and through the neighbourhood to Omand Park and the neighbourhoods beyond.