February 17, 2021

Thank you to all those who participated in Phase 1 of the Small Cell Technology Review.

We heard from you through a randomly selected research survey, an online survey, an online poll, and through interviews.

A public engagement summary and appendices summarizing and responding to feedback are now available. The feedback collected has been reviewed by the City’s internal working group and stakeholder advisory group as they continue to discuss cellular provider’s upcoming small cell trials. As the City explores our role with regards to guidance around small cell location, design, and consultation with the community, this feedback will assist in how the trials are structured and evaluated.

The City continues to seek to better understand the opportunities, issues, and value of small cell technology and the implementation of 5G service. Part of that work requires engaging with telecommunication providers operating in Manitoba. A report recommending that authority be delegated to the Chief Administrative Officer to negotiate and approve confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements will be provided for Standing Policy Committee consideration on February 22, 2021. If you would like to appear as a delegation, please contact City Clerk’s.

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Consultation has concluded

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