Who owns and operates the buildings?

    The City of Winnipeg.

    What does it mean when a property is “declared surplus”?

    It means no civic department has an operational need for the property.

    Council must approve a property being declared surplus.  

    Why is the City exploring options to sell and/or lease these buildings?

    We are looking for the best possible way to manage the property that respects francophone culture and heritage. The options will consider any method of sale and/or lease.

    How will you determine whether to sell or lease?

    We will use community feedback to help determine which type of purchaser/tenant situation is appropriate for the buildings.

    These buildings are on the list of historical resources. What does that mean for the future of the buildings?

     It means that the buildings are protected from demolition, and any alterations to their listed character-defining elements need a heritage permit. Heritage permit applications are reviewed according to the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada and in consultation with the Historical Buildings and Resources Committee.  

    The listed character-defining elements for the buildings include the following:

    • 212 Dumoulin Street
    1. Exterior: everything (walls, doors, windows, roof, etc.)
    2. Interior: all pressed tin ceiling and wall panels
    • 219 Provencher Blvd
    1. Exterior: everything (walls, doors, windows, roof, etc.)
    2. Interior: main floor, second floor, stairway (from basement to 3rd floor), and tower

    For more information on their heritage designations, go to: https://legacy.winnipeg.ca/ppd/Heritage/ListHistoricalResources.stm 

    For more information on the City’s heritage conservation program, go to: https://legacy.winnipeg.ca/ppd/Heritage/default.stm 

    What are the next steps?

    We will meet with community stakeholders and organizations to discuss the future of the buildings and the public engagement process. Then, we will ask the public for their feedback on the future of the buildings. This feedback will help determine how we select potential buyers and/or tenants.

    When will the City make a final recommendation?

    In April of 2024 the City plans to bring forward an administrative report that includes the public engagement summary and RFP criteria for marketing the properties for Council approval.    

    How is the community going to be involved? How can I get involved?

    We will meet with key community stakeholders and organizations several times throughout the process. These discussions will help the City better understand and incorporate their perspectives. 

    We will also invite the public to share their thoughts on the properties online and in-person. Visit the webpage winnipeg.ca/ProvencherDumoulin and subscribe for emails to stay updated on new information and opportunities to get involved.