Residential Growth Study - Study area assessment results

The 160,000 new residents that are expected to arrive in Winnipeg over the next 20 years offer a golden opportunity to help achieve its city building goals, such as revitalizing neighbourhoods and providing better support to retail, community, and sustainable transportation amenities. However, if managed poorly, their achievement could end up more distant, threatening Winnipeg’s long term sustainability.

In support of the new OurWinnipeg and Complete Communities 2.0, the Residential Growth Study was undertaken to help determine how Winnipeg could grow in the best way possible. This work consisted of three phases:

  • First, criteria were developed to assess how all areas of the City capable of accommodating significant transformative growth could best deliver upon complete communities principles. These areas included all existing and potential Corridors, Major Redevelopment Sites, and greenfield areas.
  • Second, these assessments were carried out.
  • Finally, three growth scenarios were developed and assessed in relation to complete communities principles.

Below are the results of the study area assessments. These findings were used to inform key policies in Complete Communities 2.0, including the 50% intensification target, the greenfield phasing plan, and the introduction of Priority Corridors. More detailed information on the assessments can be found here:

For more information, please see the three growth scenarios.

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