Why does Transit need a new garage?

    The existing North Garage, located at 1520 Main St., is at the end of its life. 

    This garage is Transit’s oldest facility and in poor condition. It is on a five-acre lot that is not big enough for a new garage or future growth. 

    Transit needs a modern garage to accommodate approximately 250 buses that have unique characteristics, including: 

    • 60-foot articulated (“bendy”’) buses
    • Buses with bike racks
    • Buses with roof-mounted air conditioners
    • Zero-emission buses

    The garage will also include an energy efficient bus storage, service, and maintenance facility.

    Why can’t a new garage be built at the site of the current North Garage?

    The current North Garage site is approximately five acres. This is not big enough for a new garage or future growth.

    Where will the new garage be built?

    The new garage will be built south of the unimproved section of Selkirk Avenue and west of Oak Point Highway. You can view the site on the map below:

    Map of new garage location

    What was the criteria for site selection?

    When selecting a site for the new bus garage, Transit looked for sites that were: 

    Transit also preferred sites that were already owned or partially owned by the City. 

    What are the advantages of this location?

    The new North Garage site offers the following advantages:

    • Access to a major transportation route
    • Proximity to Red River College
    • Industrial setting
    • Direct access to the signalized intersection at Selkirk Avenue
    • Adjacency to future high-frequency Transit routes

    Postal code data from 2021 indicates approximately 25 percent of Transit operators live in the northwest area of Winnipeg. This is where the garage will be located.  


    What is the project timeline?

    The design phase for the North Garage Replacement Project is underway.

    This spring, we are hosting an information session. A second event will take place near the end of 2024 when the design phase is near completion.

    Construction is expected to start in 2025 and be completed in 2027.

    What will happen to the existing North Garage site?

    After the new bus garage is built, Transit will explore all options with regard to the land and the old facility.

    Who is funding this project?

    The project is receiving funding through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. All three levels of government will be contributing to the project: 

    • Government of Canada: Up to $73.0 million
    • Province of Manitoba: $60.8 million
    • City of Winnipeg: $48.7 million

    Will there be noise and dust created from the construction?

    There may be noise, traffic related to construction, and other disturbances that come with construction. We will work with contractors to mitigate effects wherever possible. 

    Will traffic be disrupted during construction?

    Traffic through the area will continue during construction. We will share more specific details with businesses and residents as construction timelines are confirmed.

    Will traffic be disrupted after the garage is built?

    New turning lanes will be added to move the buses into the site and out of the flow of traffic. 

    A widened median north of the Oak Point Highway and Selkirk Avenue intersection will provide a left-hand turning lane into the facility for staff.

    Will this project affect Winnipeg Transit routes in the area?

    Winnipeg Transit is currently identifying how routes will be impacted and will share more information as updates are available.

    Will this affect street parking in the area? Where will Winnipeg Transit staff park?

    The new garage will include spaces for staff parking.  The City and Transit are working together to minimize potential impacts to parking in the area. More information about the parking plan for the garage will be shared as the project moves forward.

    How can I stay informed about the project?

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