Powers Street from Dufferin Avenue to Partridge Avenue

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Powers Street is an existing north-south neighbourhood greenway in the Mynarski ward. The route parallels Salter Street and connects to existing neighbourhood greenways on Machray and Flora Avenues. This route serves as an important cycling connector in northwest Winnipeg.
Planned traffic calming treatments include reducing the posted speed limit, installing speed humps, providing an enhanced pedestrian crossing at Mountain Avenue and closing the medians on Burrows Avenue and Inkster Boulevard to motor vehicles while still permitting bicycles and pedestrians.
Implications of the median closures would limit through vehicle movements on Powers Street at these intersections as well as all left turns at the intersections. Reduced motor vehicle movements at the intersections reduces conflict points for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the busier streets and lowers vehicle volumes on Powers Street. There may be implications of disrupted travel patterns due to the turning and through movement restrictions at these intersections which may result in slightly longer travel times.

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